My List For Best Smart Home Devices 2022

By | June 26, 2022

With today’s advancements in technology designing your smart home has become easier than ever.

Smart home devices have become some of the best-selling items on the market now. They give you the ability to control your home from anywhere. From adjusting your thermostat to letting somebody in your home with your smart lock. And security cameras help you keep an eye on your property. To smart light switches and dimmers letting you control your lighting from wherever you are at. A smart home will give you the convenience of controlling your home from anywhere and can lower your homeowner’s insurance costs. And can save you time and energy costs.

  1. Wi-Fi smart thermostat.
  2. Amazon Echo dot.
  3. Google smart Home assistant.
  4. Smart hub.
  5. Wi-Fi smart locks.
  6. Smart home security.
  7. Smart light switches and dimmers.
  8. Security cameras and video doorbells.
  9. Streaming devices.
  10. Bluetooth speakers.

  • Wi-Fi smart thermostats will give you the advantage of adjusting heating and cooling according to when a home is occupied or will occupy. This reduces the use of cooling and heating systems when you are not home saving you on energy bills. Smart thermostats can range in cost between 50 to hundreds of dollars.

  • The Amazon Echo dot is more than a smart speaker. Not only can it play music it can give you the weather forecast and create a grocery shopping list. It can even help you control your smart home from lights to appliances to TV’s two vacuum cleaners. All for around $50.

  • Google smart Home assistant operates on voice commands just say OK Google or hey Google. It can play music for you. It can remind you of appointments. Control your smart home you can even ask it questions the possibilities are endless.

  • A smart hub is the heart of your home smart system. It provides a common connection point for all of your smart devices on your home network. Allowing you to have full control of all of your devices. They can have a wide range of costs from $50 to hundreds of dollars.

  • Smart home security is a very important part of your home giving you Peace of Mind safety and security Alarm systems can be wired or wireless. To help you accommodate any installation in your home. This also has a huge range of prices anywhere between 50 and hundreds of dollars it all depends upon your needs.

  • Wi-Fi smart locks are a must-have for your smart home. Never worry again about losing your keys. Let friends in when you are away. Great for kids no keys for them to lose. It will let yo keep your home more secure. Lets you track who’s been entering your home. There are a wide variety of smart locks available. When it comes to locks it always pays to go with a quality lock they can range anywhere from 150 for low end two hundreds of dollars for a high end. A smart lock could even raise the value of your home.

  • Smart light switches and dimmers are great giving you full control of your lighting system. Saving on your energy bill turn your lights on and off from anywhere with a simple app on your phone. Installing a smart switch it’s not a complicated process but it does take some electrical experience. Smart switches can range in cost from $15 to hundreds of dollars.

  • Security camera systems and video doorbells provide some of the best security and Peace of Mind for your home. There are a huge variety of systems to pick from. Wired to wireless, PTZ cameras pan tilt zoom, auto-tracking cameras that track your move, two-way voice communication, night vision, siren, and strobe lights to help scare off possible offenders. Video doorbells will notify you when you have a visitor at the door it will record them and give you real-time alerts.

  • Streaming devices there is a huge selection of streaming devices. Whether it’s an Amazon fire stick, Android streaming box, Roku stick, Apple T V, and Google TV. Some of these devices can range from $30 on up and can even provide you with free streaming services. From movies, sports, news, and weather all with just a push of a button. Some services do charge for their subscription services. That can range from $5 on up this is the best way of cutting your cable and your bill.

  • Bluetooth speakers are some of the best advancements in technology. Allowing you to stream audio wireless anywhere. With a huge selection of the style of speakers that can give you full surround sound or just a single speaker for your home or patio.