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My List For Best Smart Home Devices 2022

With today’s advancements in technology designing your smart home has become easier than ever. Smart home devices have become some of the best-selling items on the market now. They give you the ability to control your home from anywhere. From adjusting your thermostat to letting somebody in your home with your smart lock. And security… Read More »

Top Best PTZ Security Cameras

The PTZ camera meaning it is an abbreviation of the control capabilities of a camera pan tilt and zoom that can be controlled remotely on an app or remote controller. When it comes to PTZ cameras there are lots of things to consider. Environment indoor or outdoor cameras resistance to environment. Wi-Fi capabilities. Resolution. Night… Read More »

Best Top NVRs And NVR Camera Systems

NVR is a network video recorder it acts as a hub for an IP-based security camera system. NVR is not the same as a DVR better known as Digital Video Recorder that came out in the 90s. A DVR was designed to accept and digitally compress analog from coax sockets where an NVR expects a… Read More »

How To Set Up An IMOU IP Camera

Use this post as your step-by-step guide on how to set up any IMOU IP camera. Here are just a few reasons why IMOU should be your top choice forIPp cameras. Great low price Easy installation Amazing picture quality Smart AI Does not require cloud service for recording with an SD card First, we will… Read More »

Our Pick For Best Smart Plug Outlet

Top reasons why you need a smart plug outlet Have your morning coffee ready before you get up. Have your dinner cook before you get home turn on your pressure cooker from anywhere. Turn on your washer remotely so the laundry is ready to be switched when you get home. Have your lighting on a… Read More »