Home is Currently Unavailable FireStick & FireTV & Fire TV Cube FIX

By | January 10, 2021

Home is Currently Unavailable all Fire TV devices FIX.

Here are a few thinks to try if you are having issues with home is currently unavailable.

1. Try unplugging the power from your Fire TV device for 30 seconds then plug it back in.


2. make sure Your Network WIFI password is right.
it can’t be the same as your Amazon account.
Password are also case-sensitive.

3. Try changing your WIFI channel on your router or cable modem.

4. Check Your network connection click on settings then click on network then press the Play-Pause button that will show you the status of your network connection to see it it is working.

If you have issue with you network connection you may see what is in the photo below.

If your network connection is good you will see what is in the photo below.

5. Make sure that your Fire TV device is connected to its original power supply.

6 Also make sure you are using the original HDMI extender it came with.

7. Make sure your Wi-Fi router-modem it not to far from your FireStick or Fire TV.

8. It may be necessary to factory reset your Fire TV Device.

9. you might have issues with your router-modem and need to replace it.

You can click the link below for a step by step guide how to factory reset it.
how to factory reset all Fire TV device click here.

If you still have issues with your Fire TV device you might need a new one.

We also have complete guides how to unlock your Fire TV device.
And install top sports and movie apps.


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13 thoughts on “Home is Currently Unavailable FireStick & FireTV & Fire TV Cube FIX

  1. Chuck

    If That doesn’t work either. Goto settings then account then deregister/link amazon account then re-link. Then it works

      1. Nickie Stanley

        I’ve tried all of the above, I’ve just spent the last 3 hours de-registering my fire stick & re-registering it, it loaded the apps did updates registered etc etc then all of a sudden it says there’s no internet when it’s right next to the tv I’m using it on my tablet , I’ve got 4 G full signal it was fine last week before Christmas it’s really getting annoying now, 4 hours wasted, what is wrong with it ???

    1. Rp

      Wow, this really took care of my issue!!! Thanks so much, Chuck!!!!!

  2. Kathy Noakes

    I can watch Netflix, but it still says home not available. I would assume that means I have a good internet connection

    1. yourstreamingtv Post author

      It means you have WI-FI issues.

  3. Vendetta

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve followed the steps exactly, just used nordvpn, because that’s the service I normally use and it seems to be working fine. Well, at least for now. I’ll let you know if any more issues occur.

  4. DangerDan735

    What worked for me was going to settings/account and de-register the firestick. if you do this it will reset things on your firestick. then log back on / re-register with your amazon log in and password. it will reinitialize the firestick and you will find the home page after you go back to the main menu.
    My wifi was working fine, I could play Netflix from the app menu fine. the other devices in my home were working fine.

  5. DangerDan735

    Goto settings then account then deregister/link amazon account then re-link
    This worked for me

  6. Chinmayi

    but my remote us lost and we use it by its app

    1. Tammy

      I have used my firestick for over a month, then came home from vacation and it said that I didn’t have internet. I tried all the steps to fix my fire stick and it still says that I have no internet, I did factory reset and can watch a movie or 2 then in the middle of a movie it goes back to saying that I have no internet. My internet is working just fine. It the firestick, so what can I do to fix it??

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