My list for security cameras that require no subscription

By | June 20, 2022

With today’s technology, there are a lot of security cameras out there that requires subscription services. To store video on their cloud service can cost you up to hundreds of dollars a year. That is why we decided to make a list of top security surveillance cameras that do not require any subscription service. Some of the surveillance security cameras listed below might work with and without a subscription service. On this list, you will find both wired and wireless cameras that will work indoors or outside.

  1. IMOU
  2. Eufy
  3. Kasa smart

Imou has a huge lineup of security cameras from wired to wireless and video doorbells. They have both subscription services and cameras that have SD cards to store the video locally they also have wireless NVR right now they are putting out some of the best cameras for the lowest costs and the most features. It has two way talk remote control spotlight third party camera access.

Eufy cameras do require a smart hub but have no subscription fee. One-time costs for equipment their smart hub will allow you to record audio and video. And store it locally and have access to it anytime with your smartphone. They also have a huge selection of cameras from indoor cameras to outdoor cameras doorbell cameras spotlight cameras PTZ cameras with incredible image quality.

Kasa smart has it all from indoor cameras to outdoor cameras to doorbell cameras to spotlight cameras wired and wireless. Ease of use recording records right onto an SD card in the surveillance camera view anywhere anytime on your cell phone.